The Day I Found Out What True Love Really Was

By: Paige Peterson

I never knew what true love looked like until one day I experienced it first hand. I grew up watching chick flicks galore and imaging my own special someone coming in and sweeping me off my feet. Obviously I thought that “this must be what true love is.”

In the movies it shows the guy as tall and handsome and the girl would be tiny and flawless and then they would be in love forever and ever. Let’s be honest, Iwas a complete romantic. As I grew older I got very cynical. I saw many couples who didn’t like to be with each other. To add to my cynicism, I witnessed several marriages within my family end in divorce. I didn’t believe in this fairy tale of love anymore.

But then it happened. I was out shopping one rainy morning and I stopped in a floral shop because I always loved the beautiful colors and aroma. There was a tired old man looking down at some roses smiling ear to ear. I pleasantly smiled and walked past. Moments later he came up to me and told me I was a beautiful young lady and must surely have a lucky young man. I assured him I didn’t and joked that he just hadn’t found me yet.  The old man smiled and said never give up hope and that my knight would come.

He explained that he has been married for fifty years, and was so glad his wife never gave up hope in looking for him. I pointed to the rose and asked if it was for her. He responded with a warm and loving smile and said, “Oh yes, I bring her a flower every dayso she forgives me when I do something stupid and won’t go looking for a new knight.”

I left that day smiling.  As I walked down the street I thought “so what is true love?”  Is it an epic romance? Is it love at first sight? Is it can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t breathe without you type of love?  To say it simply, it is the relationship that old smiling man had with his wife.

True love is the smile he had on his face anticipating the moment he could give the rose to his wife. It is her forgiving him when he tells her “I did something stupid.” True love is spending fifty years with your best friend. It is simply choosing to love someone and working hard every day of your lives to show them you love them.

I’m sure their marriage wasn’t perfect all the time. I don’t think a perfect marriage exists, but I could tell he was committed. I mean every day he went out of his way to buy his wife a flower. He made her the most important part of his life, and it was obvious to see how much he cared for her. Anyone walking into a flower store and seeing that smile would know how much he loved her.

Since that day I haven’t been cynical. I don’t look for my prince charming, but I do believe what the old man told me.  My knight will come and I am excited because I know fifty years down the road we will have true love and each day I will be excited to show him that I was glad I didn’t stop looking for him.