Why Saying “I Love You” Is Important

By: Amy Martin

The beginning months of any relationship seem to be filled with many heart tingling, eye-sparkling and palm sweating moments where you start to wonder, “Do I love this person? Could they be the one for me?” For some, this moment of realization comes quickly and they both know simultaneously that YES, this is where their love belongs. Others take a little more time, a little more reassurance, and that’s completely OK! No matter when that moment comes for you, it’s important that when it does come, you hold on to it and you share those simple yet profound words, “I love you”, with the one you love.

Why? These simple words are not just empty words but rather bring so much depth and meaning into a relationship, they truly are powerful!

When my husband and I were dating, we both had the realization that we loves each other at different moments. For me, I knew he was the one when I looked into his eyes one evening and heard him whisper, “I love you”. To a young college girl, those words meant the world to me. Growing up, I did not hear love verbally expressed much in my own home so this expression from him gave me the courage to respond with, “I love you more”. From then on, our favorite saying to each other (though grammatically incorrect) has been “I love you the mostest.” Having courage to tell someone you love them for the first time is hard, at least it was for me. Having someone else say it first, does make it much easier!

Fear of rejection and fear of uncertainty can definitely hinder this loving expression. The moment you let go of this fear and allow your heart to express what its feeling, brings a whole new meaning and depth into your relationship.

I wish I could go back to that special day and have been the one to express my love first. Maybe it would have conveyed an even stronger love in him like it did for me that day. The important thing though is it was expressed by both of us and gave us the courage and purpose to continue on towards marriage. These simple words “I love you” are what brought us to a moment of choosing a life together, and these same simple and powerful words are what keeps our marriage going strong.

So, to my love I say, “I love you the mostest!”