Online Dating

By: Daniel Diaz

My name is Daniel Diaz—witty, charming, romantic, good-looking, and inexplicably single. For years, friends have been relentlessly trying to find a potential wife for me. While I am thankful, their efforts to make me a married millennial have thus far been unsuccessful. Therefore, in an attempt to finally shirk the status of “Single”, I decided to take my dating online—and I’ll tell you why.

  1. Bigger Pool, More Fish: Unlike meeting people in person, a mode of socialization often limited to one’s geographical area (and sheer luck), online dating opens up a whole “sea” of options. This gave me the opportunity to sort through a seemingly unlimited number of profiles. Doing so enabled me to even better understand myself and what I’m looking for in a potential mate (a task which takes much more time, money, and introspection out there in the routine dating world).
  1. Dating Questionnaire and Search Preferences: After a myriad of awkward dates, I began to cringe when friends and family would excitedly declare, “I have the perfect girl for you.” They didn’t. These “perfect girls” and I more often than not, had absolutely nothing in common. Online dating tackles this issue through providing detailed questionnaires and specific search preferences. This helps one find a potential mate with whom they have similar values, goals, and interests—a challenging task for an Orthodox Catholic like me.
  1. Initial Anonymity: Learning more about someone before having to interact makes online dating a fairly safe environment. While self-disclosure can be limited to your personal comfort zone, the anonymity often emboldens daters. And, let’s be real, things don’t always turn out well in the dating world. With online dating, deciding to end communication is a great deal less awkward than in person—and helps one avoid any uncomfortable “run-ins”.
  1. Video Chatting: Through modern technology, we can now meet “in person” from the comfort of our living rooms. If things go well via email, text, and phone, I highly advocate for meeting through video chat. This is often necessary as well if your potential mate lives in another state. The first time you “meet” is both exciting and nerve-wracking, but it will tell you more about whether or not you will enjoy their company should the relationship progress. Though this step is extremely helpful, the contact should not end there. Meeting in person is essential and, in my opinion, the sooner the better.

Online dating is a very practical and appropriate tool for those seeking a potential spouse, especially if you’re a millennial. Many marriage seekers I know have now begun relationships through this modern method. In fact, searching for love online has helped me personally meet someone whom I find physically, mentally, and spiritually attractive. I have a pretty good feeling about this one, so don’t be surprised to see my Facebook status change to “In a Relationship”.