Puppy Love

By: Emily Snow

One of the greatest lessons in marriage I have learned thus far was from my dog. Well that’s just weird now isn’t it? Let me explain. After a year of marriage, my husband and I decided to get a puppy. After a long day of work Zach would come home and I would either be sitting on the couch watching T.V., doing homework, or cooking dinner. I was happy to have him home but I didn’t always show it. Once we passed the initial honeymoon stage, life seemed to fall into its busy routine again. When Zach would come home, I would often be frustrated with homework, upset about doing all of the laundry again, or oblivious to the fact that he had walked through the door. My resentment towards these tasks would often be taken out on Zach when he came home which sometimes created unneeded frustration between us.

This all seemed to change when we got our dog Milo. Every single day without fail, Milo would run around the house in circles waiting for Zach to open the door to the house.  With ears pinned back to his head, eyes squinting tight, and his entire body waging with sheer excitement, you could say this was one happy dog.

Sitting on the couch one day, I recognized how wonderful it must be to come home and instantly feel loved. Wouldn’t it make our marriage stronger if I were the one to greet him with this type of love and warmth when he came home from work instead of just our dog? So I decided to follow my dog’s example and change how I would greet my husband. From the moment Zach walks through the door, I happily greet him and set aside whatever I am doing to give him a hug and a kiss.

There may be many days where you will have to put down a spatula, set aside your homework or turn off the T.V., but it does not have to be for a long time. Whatever you decide to do to greet your spouse can simply be for one minute, all that is important is to note that when your spouse comes home and you reunite from the day, that you greet each other in a loving and recognizable way (I recommend a nice lengthy kiss as a part of this).

Don’t just take my word for it, go and try it yourself. This can strengthen your own marriage in the following ways:

  1. It provides time for each person to unwind from a long day.
  2. This can help you to reconnect with one another.
  3. This also gives comfort and excitement to the spouse coming home, knowing that they will have a warm greeting when they get home.
  4. It shows that they are a priority.

I never want to give Zach a reason to stay at work or school any longer than needed. By taking a few simple moments to stop, recognize him, and happily greet him when he gets home, we have seen an increased amount of love develop within our home.